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Embark on a railway adventure in a UNESCO World Heritage masterpiece.

Experience the Splendor of the Bernina Express

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the stunning landscapes of Switzerland and Italy aboard the legendary Bernina Express. This renowned train, part of the World Heritage Site Rhaetian Railway, offers a four-hour rail adventure like no other. With panoramic wagons, enlarged windows, and multilingual audio guides, the Bernina Express ensures a comfortable and immersive experience as it travels from Chur or Davos to Poschiavo and Tirano.

As the Bernina Express winds its way through the Swiss Engadin Alps, you'll be treated to breathtaking views of the Albula and Bernina regions. Traverse numerous bridges, tunnels, and galleries while taking in the charm of towns such as St. Moritz, an alpine resort that graces this picturesque route. The highlight of the journey is the Bernina Pass, where the train reaches an impressive altitude of 2,253 meters above sea level. Witness the ingenuity of engineering that connected once-isolated mountain communities and admire the seamless integration of architectural marvels with the surrounding landscapes.

A ticket for the Bernina Express grants you access to an extraordinary adventure that showcases the beauty and significance of the railway. The route's designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008 speaks volumes about its historical and cultural importance. Enchanting panoramas, the harmonious blend of architecture and nature, and the multilingual audio guides enrich your experience, ensuring you don't miss a moment of this captivating journey. Don't miss out on this opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime—secure your Bernina Express ticket today and be transported to a world of wonder as you traverse the Swiss Engadin Alps.


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 Embark on a railway adventure in this unique feat of engineering, a UNESCO World Heritage masterpiece
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 Scenic bus journey from Milan to St. Moritz before and from Tirano to Milan after the trip
The Bernina Express journey was breathtaking! The views of the Swiss Alps left me speechless.

Mark Taylor / UK

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Ride the Bernina Express along the Rhaetian Railway from St. Moritz to Tirano. Ascend the imposing Bernina Massif and Morteratsch Glacier descending into Poschiavo Valley from a panoramic carriage.
The Bernina Express Train

The Bernina Express is a must-see trip from Switzerland to Italy along the World Heritage Site known as the Rhaetian Railway through the beautiful landscapes of Albula and Bernina. It connects Chur (or Davos) to Poschiavo and Tirano in Italy, crossing the Swiss Engadin Alps and important cities such as St. Moritz, an alpine resort in this region.


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