What to do in St. Moritz

St. Moritz is considered one of the most famous and exclusive tourist destinations in the world, but the city is much more than a vacation resort. Located in the Engadin Valley, in the Canton of Grisons, the place is the birthplace of the Alpine Winter Tourism for over 150 years. In addition, St. Moritz can also be defined as "a small natural paradise", surrounded by snow-covered mountains in winter, and lush green nature during the hottest months. 

For lovers of snow tourism, St. Moritz is a cosmopolitan destination in the middle of the Alps and always offers the best for its tourist. The city has an incredible climate, with little rain and the constant sunshine, almost all year round.

More than 70% of the inhabitants of St. Moritz have German as their main language. Followed by Italian (22%), leaving a small portion of the population that speaks Romansh.

How to get to St. Moritz

St. Moritz is the starting point of famous rail routes like Glacier-Express Bernina-Express (for Italy), Palm-Express (with postal car) for Italy or "Engadin Star".

It is possible to get there by train, coming from Zurich through Chur, by the same Rtica railroad, where the Bernina Express passes by.

To get there by car or bus, the alpine roads are well maintained in Switzerland's interior, Ticino, Italy and Austria. Leaving Zurich or Milan, it is 200 km, approximately 3 hours of travel, for those leaving Munich 360 km, and approximately 4 hours of travel. 

The Engadin Valley

The valley of Engadin is a place with a dazzling nature. During the winter, you will find several areas for the practice of skiing, snowboarding and other sports of the season. During the summer, hiking enthusiasts have at their disposal an extensive network of trails for trekking, mountain biking and other sports in contact with nature. 

The valley is an exciting place in summer, with its shades of blue and green; romantic in winter, all covered with snow. But, probably, autumn is the most spectacular season to admire the colors that nature offers us there: it is when you find thousands of shades of green, yellow and orange, wrapped in the charming frame of lakes and mountains.

St. Moritz main tourist attractions

St. Moritz Lake

St. Moritz is considered worldwide an alpine destination as the example of a glamorous vacation resort. Elegant and charming, St. Moritz celebrates holidays perfect for putting in the picture.

Certainly, one of St. Moritz's highlights is its lake, which, during the winter, turns into a large expanse of ice, and becomes the ideal place for the practice of polo competitions, horse racing and cricket matches. It is where you can admire the incredible landscapes it provides, during a walk along the lake. Although his water is extremely cold for swimming, you can rent a canoe or a rowing board to make an incredible walk through him.

Bernina Express

Take the opportunity to take a great train ride on the Bernina Express from St. Moritz to Tirano: one of the most spectacular ways to cross the Swiss Alps. Enjoy the Bernina Express, the famous resort of Sankt Moritz to Tirano and back to Sankt Moritz. The railway winds smoothly through the beautiful Alpine landscape.

Engadine Museum

This museum contains archaeological finds of various types, which were excavated from the Bronze and Neolithic periods. It houses a vast collection of items that illustrate the local life and humble interiors of the Engadine Valley, between the 13th and 19th centuries. It is also famous for its magnificent interiors and furnished rooms which include costumes, household utensils and embroidery. 

Other attractions in St. Moritz

St Moritz is over 1850 metres above sea level. However, the best views and attractions you will find as you climb the mountains. There are about 57 means of elevation, which lead to mountains between 1700 and 3300 meters high. There are many routes with several kilometres of tracks, for those who seek the practice of Skiing, Snowboarding, among other snow sports.

So, as the choices are numerous, consider climbing Piz Nair, the largest mountain overlooking the Engadine Valley. The Winter Olympic Games have been held twice at this place, together with several Alpine World Championships.

Another option is Piz Corvatsch, following the cable car that takes you to the summit of Corvatsch, where the highest season of the Eastern Alps is located.

One of the main attractions in the summer is Muottas Muragl. They are hiking trails and toboggan routes in winter. From Punt Muragl (between Celerina and Pontresina, about 15 minutes by bus from St. Moritz), the funicular railway takes you to the top of this mountain, a perfect place to admire virtually all the peaks, valleys and lakes of Alto Engadin shining in the sun, as well as a large playground for children.

Don't miss attractions such as the Segantini Museum, Hanselmann, The Leaning Tower, Galerie Gmurzynska, Kirche San Karl, as well as tours of Diavolezza, Pontresina, Samedan and getting to know Corviglia (Photo), one of the most famous mountains in the area, with access from the city centre of St. Moritz, from the Funicular St. Moritz Dorf Chantarella -Corviglia.

Where to stay in St. Moritz

Many people at St. Moritz make sure that there is no room for boredom. The city has a first-class infrastructure, great hotels, as well as legendary events and exclusive services, keeping its originality in many places and being embraced by nature, which seems to have come out of a picture.

In St. Moritz it is practically impossible to present the best or most beautiful accommodations. There are several breathtaking hotels and many private, jaw-dropping accommodations there. However, tourists should know that a certain luxury always has an extra price to pay. This does not mean that St. Moritz is a city above your budget. On average, the price of accommodation in St. Moritz costs less than 200 euros per night. But you can find the best hotels between 100 and 1000 euros, plus private accommodation, from apartments to chalets with the best views, from 50 euros per night. However, the price will depend a lot on the season and the number of guests per room.

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