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Experience the magic of the Swiss Alps with the Bernina Express, a breathtaking journey from Switzerland to Italy along the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Rhaetian Railway. This iconic route, stretching from Chur or Davos through Poschiavo and into Tirano, showcases the spectacular beauty of the Engadin Alps and the charming alpine resort of St. Moritz.
Operated by the Rhaetian Railway, the Bernina Express is designed for both awe and comfort, featuring panoramic wagons with enlarged windows and multilingual audio guides in English, Italian, and German, enhancing your scenic ride. This legendary train also connects in Tirano with a bus service to Lugano in Switzerland via Lake Como, offering a seamless adventure through picturesque landscapes.
The route itself is a marvel of engineering and natural splendor, comprising the 67 km Albula line and the 61 km Bernina line, both celebrated as World Heritage Sites for their historical and environmental significance. This journey through bridges, tunnels, and the high Bernina Pass at 2,253 meters above sea level is not just a trip but an immersion into the heart of alpine beauty and innovation.
For those planning this unforgettable trip, resources like the Bernina Express route map PDF download are invaluable for navigation and preparation. Whether you're interested in the full route from St. Moritz to Tirano, stops along the way, or the cost-effective options available, the Bernina Express offers a unique opportunity to explore the Alps in unparalleled depth and comfort. Embark on this fantastic trip through the Swiss Alps with the Bernina Express and witness the harmonious blend of architecture and nature firsthand.